Rainskin - Perhaps the most versatile, high quality barrier fabric ever produced now comes in a peel and stick version!

Get all the benefits of Rainskin with the added convenience and quality of  penetration-less permanent adhesion!  Just peel and apply!  As a house wrap, a water proof underlayment or other use PAS Rainskin provides single step protection!  Works as a wrap, a flashing a breathable water proofer, an antifracture material and decoupler all in one.

Replaces: Tyvek, Latacrete antifrcture, window and door flashing, RedGard, schluter and other multi-step water proofing systems! 

The exceptional performance qualities of Rainskin membrane fabrics allow for uses as broad as your imagination!  Strength, flexibility, waterproof, breathable, anti-fracture, lightweight, UV protection, Radiant barrier (option), sewable, & extremely affordable, Rainskin is  used in many industries today! Originally developed as a house wrap and roof underlayment that far outperforms Tyvek, Rainskin membranes are used today in industries such as:  

-Clothing (waterproof membrane in several lines of weatherproof outerwear)

-Materials protection (dust and element protection covers)

-Specialized packaging (food, insulative, moisture and air protective applications)

-Automotive (panels, underlayments and upholstery)
-Camping (tents, sleeping, emergency and weather protection gear)
-Home and commercial building (exterior wraps and underlayments, radiant barriers, anti-fracture and moisture barriers for flooring, showers, countertops, tile work, etc.)

Comes in standard 5 ft (1.5m) width rolls of 60 ft in length.  

Visit the manufactures website for more information then tell us about your project.  We've got you covered!

Tell us what you need to protect..... we've got the answer!

General Information:

1) Introduction of Underlay Membrane

Rainskin breathable membrane is a water resistant membrane but with high vapor permeability, used as diffusion open roofing felts under pitched roof tile or vapor permeable barrier housewraps on timber frame walls.

Rainskin breathable membrane functions as a weather-resistant barrier, preventing rain from getting into the roof or wall assembly while allowing water vapor to pass to the exterior.

Rainskin breathable membrane may also serve as an air barrier if it is sealed carefully at seams.

Rainskin breathable membrane has good "water resistance", good "water vapor permeability", and good "air barrier properties".

Rainskin A aluminum breathable membrane is suitable as a UV, sun protective and waterproof covering for many end uses.

Rainskin A aluminum breathable membrane is insulative and is useful in keeping areas cooler in summer and warmer in winter as well as an insulative protection for hot foods.

2)  Underlay Membrane  Specification

13-layers laminatedPP nonwoven +PE film +PP nonwoven
2Products range90g, 120g, 140g, 160g/m2.
3Roll size1.5m x 50m (also available in 75m and 100m length
4Water resistantClass W1
6Vapor permeability>2250g/m2/24h
7UV resistant3 month
8Test to EN13859-1Pass -- CE mark available

3) Key Features of  Underlay Membrane

1CE certificated, high quality with competitive price
2Waterproof & vapor permeable
3Excellent tensile and nail tear strength
4Good flexibility and ductility
5Light weight and thin, slip-resistant surface
6Simple handling and easy to use
7Energy saving
8Long term durability
9Totally recyclable
10For both wall and roof applications

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Rainskin - Waterproof Breathable Membrane - Light Weight PAS (2.56 oz per sq yard) - 1.5m x 75m roll

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