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About the Author

A. RoskeAubreElle Roske was born in Ogden, Utah in the month of May, and has lived with her family in the Boulder Mountains of Montana since 2005.  She has traveled across country and overseas, and is always excited to visit new places.  Her favorite pastimes include reading, writing, and watching fiction, spending time with family and close friends, listening to music, doodling, and taking walks in the mountains with her cats.  She also likes to make and consume desserts, particularly chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.


How She Started Writing:

When I was in 6th grade, I began writing a “short story” for Language Arts, which evolved into a 13,000+ word (over forty pages) story.  It was mediocre writing, to put it kindly, and will likely never see the light of day again, but it was also the beginning of a hobby, a passion, that would alter my life’s plan significantly.  It was the event that made me realize that I wanted to be a fantasy writer.

Over the following years I began many drafts for story ideas, and I stuck with the adventure of a super-hero family for some time, eventually “completing” the first book of my planned trilogy.  This, too, was quite rough, though much more developed than my first story attempt; I believe that someday I will revisit that world and rework it so that you may visit it, too.

It was sometime near the end of the year 2008 that I had the first inspirations for “Fallen Hope” and its related stories.  I was in a small-town library with a dear friend, browsing the fiction novels.  I distinctly remember taking note of the absurd number of vampire stories, aware that there were even more around the corner, when I caught sight of a set of re-imagined fairytales.

I have always loved fairytales. I grew up watching the Disney versions, and was read a great variety of them by my parents, some of which are actually quite disturbing originally.  I always admire the different twists that various authors have written into their retellings over the years, especially when certain odd elements of the traditional stories are expounded upon so that they finally make some sense.

While I was looking at the re-invented tales (which, regrettably, I still have yet to read), my concept for Snow White entered my mind.  It was almost as though someone else put the clearly formed idea in my head, and I immediately turned to my friend with the thought and the explanation of how it made sense.  After receiving an enthusiastic response, I soon began to plot the story.  More than that, I began to think of variations for some of my other favorite princesses.  Eventually I had a collection of not-so-classic fairytale characters, and I found myself trying to conceive of a way to put them all together.  The result was “Fallen Hope”, which I began writing irregularly at the start of 2009.

Now, after many read-through’s, editing, getting feedback from trusted loved ones and a professional editor, and more editing, “Fallen Hope” is finally published!  It is a very exciting milestone for me, and I have begun to write the back stories for each of my re-imagined fairytales.  I hope that you, your friends, and many others like you will be able to read and enjoy “Fallen Hope” and the successive prequels and sequel.  Thank you for your time and support!

~ AubreElle Roske

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